Sep 10th 2015

Staying Safe at Your Las Vegas Hostel


Las Vegas Hostel is a safe and comfortable place to stay, but because you often times share a room with many other people, you should take a few extra precautions when staying in a hostel.

Make sure you are centrally located. Location should always be your first priority when booking a hostel. Even if you are saving money, you don’t want to spend your trip in a bad side of town. Las Vegas Hostel offers cheap alternatives to hotel rooms in Vegas without sacrificing location.  We are just a five minute walk away from everything Downtown Las Vegas.

You will want to stay somewhere with security. Las Vegas Hostel has someone working the front desk 24/7 to monitor who is coming into the hostel. Upgrade to a smaller dorm if you are concerned about safety. Similarly, women might want to consider staying in all-female dorms if it makes them feel more comfortable.

What to Bring: 
Bring a lock with you to store valuables while you are gone. Remember not to travel with anything irreplaceable. It is also important you make two copies of all your important documents like passports and IDs before you leave. Leave one set at home then take the other with you and keep in safe place separate from your originals. That way if you do lose something, they will be easier to replace.

Extra Tip: 
Make sure you have the hostels contact info and ask for a map so you can avoid bad areas.

If you want to stay at a safe and cheap room in Vegas, Las Vegas Hostel is the place for you. Book your room today and prepare for a great adventure.

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