Las Vegas Hostel provides an alternative to cheap hotel rooms in Las Vegas without the hassle of staying in a casino. We have 38 rooms of different varieties with a total of 158 beds. Each room has its own spacious en-suite, large locker area and vanity spaces. Room options include: private king standards for those wanting some extra space; private queen doubles for either single double occupancy; and shared four-bedroom, six-bedroom or eight-bedroom dorms, either coed or gender specific for those wanting to spend less cash and meet more people.

All rooms are comfortably air conditioned so you’ll never have to worry about the Las Vegas heat during the hot summer months. Take a look and find out more about what each of our Las Vegas Hostel rooms has to offer. For the best quality rooms for the best value, book your stay with Las Vegas Hostel. If you have any questions, please email us through our contact page. .