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5 Shots to Try on Your Las Vegas Vacation


When it comes to drinking in downtown Las Vegas, you have many options, but if you are wanting to be a little more adventurous, try out some of these shots that can be found around town not far from your cheap place to stay at Las Vegas Hostel.

Finish Him at Downtown Cocktail Room
 This dangerous shot is made of equal parts of 110 proof green Chartreuse, 106 proof louche Kübler absinthe, and 114 proof Smith & Cross Navy Strength Jamaican Rum layered in the glass. The name is starting to make sense now, isn’t it? It may cost $14, but it’s the only drink you’ll need all night.

F-Bomb at Atomic Liquor
This shot has everything you’ll need for a successful evening. Made Fireball whiskey, their in-house energy drink simply called, caffeine, and a Fernet bomb, this shot may not taste the greatest but take one and you’re in for a great time. $7.

Green Tea Shot at Itsy Bitsy Ramen and Whiskey
Made with green tea and Jameson and garnished with a mint leaf, these refreshing shots are just the thing to go with a bowl of ramen. One for $6 or two for $10.

Scorpion Shot Nacho Daddy
Add a pickled scorpion to a spirit of your choice… if you’re brave enough. $7 plus price of spirit.

A Griffin Shot
A Griffin shot isn’t any particular shot, it’s just been poured at The Griffin by Griffin bartenders who just so happen to have heaviest hands in the West. In fact, a shot at the Griffin isn’t really a shot at all, it’s more of a bucket of booze.

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