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LV Hostel: Best Travel Tips For Your Hostel Stay: Part 2


In last week’s Best Travel Tips for Your Hostel Stay, we talked about some useful travel tips for when you visit a neighborhood hostel. In this blog, we will continue to give a our adventurous travelers a few more tips to ensure that they have the most enjoyable stay possible.

  1. Meet Your Fellow Hostel Travelers.

You are out for fun and adventure, and part of that is meeting new people. Most folk that stay in a hostel are open to strangers and will welcome new people into their conversations or activities. Introduce yourself. Get involved. Share your travel plans and adventures. The people that you meet can make for some lasting memories well after your travels have ended.

  1. Bring Extra Clothes and Dress In Layers.

A lot of people in a room can bring up the temperature over time. What may start as a chilly evening can start to warm up, so be sure to dress up (and down) as you need to.

  1. Bring Noise-Reducing Items for When You Sleep.

When it’s not your bedroom, there’s no guarantee how the noise level is going to be. While that’s not to say that a hostel should be expected to be loud, but people do have different sleep schedules, and any public place is never going to be 100% noise free. Consider them a “peace of mind.”

  1. Be Careful With Valuables.

No matter how good everyone’s intentions are, all it takes is one moment of carelessness to lose something valuable like identification, a wallet, a passport, etc. Always lock up your belongings in a locker or safe for protection, or just keep it with you.

  1. Enjoy the Experience.

While these tips are designed to ensure overall enjoyment and comfort for your trip, you’ll find that people who visit hostels are as adventurous and lively as yourself, so get to know people, and enjoy your stay.
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